PTFE Smoothbore

PTFE Smoothbore

A customisable system which gives a choice of properties for your product.



Hose Liner: Seamless extruded PTFE tube, made exclusively from PTFE polymer. The choice of these grades, together with the extrusion, heat treatment and quality control programmes are designed to produce the best quality PTFE tube possible, ensuring minimum porosity and maximum flexibility.

Hose Braid: Braided from AISI grade 304 stainless steel wire, bright hard drawn to a minimum 1700 N/mm2 tensile strength. The braiding process is closely controlled to ensure even tensions and the correct braid angle, to give minimum expansion/contraction under pressure.

Size Ranges

Standard Wall: For general purpose use, including high and low pressure steam, chemicals, paints, inks, adhesives, fuels, oils, detergents, refrigerants and foodstuffs.

Heavy Wall: For heavy duty use, also for use with gases up to 150 Bar pressure, and for hot/cold cycling applications.
'Dash': For general purpose use, and to match the popular American 'dash' sizes, often used with 'reusable'type end fittings.

A special size range is also available for use with hydraulic end fittings which require a slightly larger hose bore than the standard sizes above, to permit the insertion of the end fittings into the hose bore.

Hose Properties

Temperature Resistance: PTFE hose is usable from - 70°C up to +230°C, dependent upon the braid and the working pressure (see Specifications).

Chemical Resistance: PTFE is the most chemically resistant material known, and is only affected by a small number of very uncommon chemicals; Fluorine Gas, boiling Alkali Metals, Chlorine Trifluoride and Oxygen Difluoride.

Flexibility with Strength: Smoothbore PTFE hose has excellent dynamic flex life, and performs well at high pressures in flexing or vibrating applications.

Self-Cleaning: The famous non-stick nature of PTFE ensures that material passing through does not become 'hung up' inside the hose, creating the risk of bacterial growth, or contamination. The hose, therefore, is effectively self-cleaning.

Use in Application:

Usage limitations are specified herein, but other factors may be present in any given application including mechanical abuse, abrasion, safety risks to staff, etc. Unless all these details are given to Proflex Hose Ltd in advance, so that the best possible product for the application can be recommended, Proflex Hose Ltd cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.

Technical Specifications

Hose assemblies can be produced with all types of standard and non-standard end fittings from male, female, quick release & flanges etc.

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