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PTFE Convoluted

This hose is multi-purpose and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

This is a convoluted PTFE lined hose, with excellent flexibility in bore sizes from 3/8″, to 4″. It is designed for use in a wide variety of general purpose applications such as automotive, steam transfer, refrigeration and other applications where the temperature resistance, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning of the PTFE liner are necessary requirements.


Stainless Steel braid has a liner tube made from convoluted, extra flexible grade PTFE, with an outer stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. Polymer Braid has a braid made from orange polypropylene monofilaments. This provides a lightweight braid with excellent chemical resistance, but is not usable at temperatures above 100°C (internal).
Maximum working pressures must be reduced to 50% of the pressures listed for assemblies with stainless over braid. Tube Only has no braid. It is very lightweight, and the tube is semi-transparent. It is only usable at low pressures (less than 2 Bar).

The three grades specified above are available with an anti-static (black) PTFE liner tube instead of the natural 3, (translucent) PTFE liner tube. The anti-static hose grade is required when fluids with a high electrical resistance, such as solvents or fuels, are passed through the hose. The electrical resistance between the inner surface of the hose liner and the end fittings is less than 107 ohms, permitting dissipation of any static charge, in accordance with BS2050:1978. If in doubt, contact Proflex Hose to decide which fluids or gases require the anti-static grade.

Hose Assemblies

Hose can be supplied without end fittings attached’ for distributors to assemble themselves using either conventional hydraulic fittings or short tail (PTFE) fittings and the design of pallet swage ferrule.
The convolutions are easily opened out to the spigot tail diameter by screwing in a (supplied) special tool (without the application of heat) after which the spigot can be inserted. Alternatively complete hose assemblies can be supplied. All conventional types of hose end fittings can be fitted to Visiflon hose assemblies. Hoses can also be supplied with ends “Cuffed” for customers to fit themselves.


Hose and hose assemblies can be supplied with full certificates of conformity, together with test and materials certificates. If these are required, it should be stated on the enquiry and order.

Use in Application:

Usage limitations are specified herein, but other factors may be present in any given application including mechanical abuse, abrasion, safety risks to staff, etc. Unless all these details are given to Proflex Hose Limited in advance so that the best possible product for the application can be recommended, Proflex Hose Limited cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.

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Hose assemblies can be produced with all types of standard and non-standard end fittings from male, female, quick release & flanges etc.

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