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Stainless Steel Hose

The Proflex metal hose can be used for both fluids and gases and can withstand heat and corrosion, as it is a stainless steel conduit. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and heat damage, and is a tough, resilient material that is perfect for use in flexible stainless steel conduits.

Metal Flexible Hose

  • Annular corrugated ‘U’ form hose
  • Type 321 Stainless Steel – standard weight
  • For vibration, pipe work misalignment, temperature, chemicals, pressure and vacuum.
  • Material available Standard 321 Stainless Steel, 316 for greater chemical resistance and sub sea drenching.
  • Proflex Hose Ltd produces stainless steel flexible conduits and hose assemblies in-house.
  • All assemblies are pressure-tested under water as standard.
  • Material test certification and certificate of conformity plus external inspection by Lloyds if required.
  • Other material available (depending on quantity) on request such as Monel, Inconel and Bronze.
  • A full range of end fittings such as flanges, hygienic screwed fittings Male, female BSP in stainless steel and mild steel.

Annular Corrugated Metal Hose

Corrugated metal hose is manufactured from relatively thin wall butt welded tube into which rounded corrugations are formed. The hose flexes through the movement of metal corrugations.

Corrugated metal hoses, especially flexible stainless steel conduits, are suitable for a wide range of applications in the steel-making, chemical smelting, petrochemical, automotive, materials handling and power generation industries, and many other fields. The hose can be used for the conveyance of fluids and gases, the correction of misalignments and the absorption of movements and vibrations.

The advantage of metal hose over other materials is its capability to withstand high temperatures, impacts and corrosive substances and atmospheres.

Corrugated hose is seamless, making it ideal for the conveyance of liquids and gases under pressure. Corrugated hoses can be used either unreinforced (or unbraided), or with wire braid reinforcement depending upon the pressure rating and application.

External wire braiding fitted to the hose and secured at each end during the end connection process will significantly increase the pressure capability of the hose. More than one layer of the braid may be fitted as necessary.
The operating temperature of the application will have a direct relationship on the lowering of the pressure capability of the hose as illustrated in the temperature correction table on the back of our data sheet.

All stainless steel conduit assemblies are tested prior to dispatch by pneumatic test; in this test, the hose is filled with compressed air and submerged in water, a leak being detected by air bubbles. Hydrostatic tests are also available – this is where the hose assembly is filled with water and internal pressure is applied, a leak being detected by water dripping from any part of the assembly.

Use in Application:

Usage limitations are specified herein, but other factors may be present in any given application including mechanical abuse, abrasion, safety risks to staff, etc. Unless all these details are given to Proflex Hose Limited in advance so that the best possible product for the application can be recommended, Proflex Hose Limited cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.


Additional DescriptionMore Details

  • Annular ‘U’ form hose
  • Type 304 stainless steel – standard weight
  • Specialist hose is suitable for vibration, pipe work misalignment, extreme temperature, chemicals, pressure and vacuum uses.
  • Material available Standard 304 Stainless Steel, 316 for greater chemical resistance and sub sea drenching.
  • Other materials available on request (depending on quantity) such as Monel, Inconel, Hastaloys and Bronze.
  • A full range of end fittings such as flanges, hygienic screwed fittings, male & female BSP in stainless steel and mild steel are also available.

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