PTFE Convoluted Hose

PTFE Convoluted Hose

PTFE convoluted hose is a hard-wearing multipurpose hose which is suitable for a variety of applications. Made from convoluted PTFE for seamless construction, PTFE hose pipe has excellent flexibility and sports impressive resistance to temperature and chemicals, and is easy to clean and maintain.

These attributes make convoluted PTFE hose an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including steam transfer, refrigeration, the automotive industry, and more!


There are three varieties of PTFE convoluted hose available from Proflex Hose. Each of them is based on a base layer of PTFE convoluted tubing, providing a seamless pipe, able to resist temperature and chemical corrosion and providing an easy-clean PTFE pipe solution which suits dozens of industries.

The first available variety of PTFE convoluted hose available from Proflex Hose is “tube only”, which is an unsheathed PTFE hose. Extremely lightweight, you also benefit from the semi-transparency of the material, but operating pressure must be drastically reduced to no more than 2 Bar.

If you want to compromise between lightweight PTFE convoluted tubing and pressure-capable hose, you can choose the flexible PTFE tubing with polymer braid, which coats your PTFE hose with a sheath of braided orange polypropylene monofilaments, resulting in a hose with excellent chemical resistance at low weight and a much-improved pressure tolerance.

For maximum pressure resistance, chemical resistance and physical durability, choose the stainless steel braided PTFE flexible tubing from Proflex Hose. Coated with a sheath of braided stainless steel wires, this PTFE convoluted tubing is able to work at double the maximum pressure of Polymer Braided hose, and considerably higher temperatures. The stainless steel wire braid also provides considerable physical armour against knocks, abrasions or other mechanical damage.

All three grades of PTFE hose pipe are available with an anti-static PTFE tube instead of the conventional semi-transparent PTFE liner. This anti-static liner is necessary when fluids exhibiting high electrical resistance, like solvents or fuels, are piped through the convoluted PTFE tube. With a lower electrical resistance between the liner and the end fittings, any static electricity which is beginning to collect on or within the pipe can dissipate harmlessly before building to potentially risky levels. This is in accordance with BS2050:1978 – but if in doubt, contact Proflex Hose to see whether your application will need anti-static hose.


PTFE hose pipe can be used in a huge range of applications, including the petrochemical industry, automotive industry, or in refrigeration or steam transfer, thanks to its chemical and thermal resistance. If you would like to speak to an expert about the potential uses for flexible PTFE tubing in your industry, you can contact Proflex Hose at any time on +44 (0) 1257 220 010!

Hose Assemblies

Convoluted PTFE hose can be supplied without the end fittings already attached, to be assembled on-site or by distributors with either hydraulic end fittings or the short-tail fittings often seen with PTFE hose. PTFE convoluted hose is easily made to fit the spigot tail diameter by using a supplied tool, opening up the convolution to allow the insertion of the spigot without applying heat. Alternatively, you may choose a complete pipe assembly from Proflex Hose, which are available with all conventional types of PTFE hose end fitting. If you would prefer, hoses can also be supplied with ends “cuffed” to enable you to fit your own end pieces.


If necessary, both the PTFE convoluted hoses and the full PTFE hose assemblies can be provided with full certificates of conformity, alongside certificates confirming successful tests and materials quality. However, if you need these items to be included with your order, please be sure to specify this while placing the order with us.

Use in Application

Usage limitations of PTFE convoluted tubing are specified herein, but over the course of a particular application, other limiting factors such as physical abuse, mechanical damage, safety risks to your workforce and other risk factors may impact performance. Unless these details are provided to Proflex Hose Limited in advance to allow the most suitable product to be recommended, we regret that we cannot accept any responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.

Technical Specifications

Hose assemblies can be produced with all types of standard and non-standard end fittings from male, female, quick release & flanges etc.

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