Hose Fittings & Flanges

Hose Fittings & Flanges

If you need hose pipe fittings – including high-pressure hose fittings – then Proflex Hose can help you. We are able to provide a range of hose pipe fittings and flanges to suit any application you may need – just get in touch with us on 01257 220 010 or, if you’ve got an account on this website, use the online order form on this page to place an order!

Hose Pipe Fittings from Proflex Hose

Hygienic Fittings – RJT, DIN

Quick Connection Couplings – Cam Lock, Lever Lock, ISO

Flanges & Flanged Hose Tail, Ball Valves and Bespoke Fittings – Available in Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel for superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

Hose pipe fittings and flanges are a crucial part of any system involving hoses and piping – without them, the entire system will fall apart. At Proflex Hose, we sell a range of hose pipe fittings and flanges to fit any hose and operate under any conditions. Just let us know what you need and what your requirements are and we’ll be happy to find the fittings that suit your project!

Whether you are looking for quick connection couplings like cam locks or high-pressure hose fittings able to withstand considerable force without losing performance, look no further than Proflex Hose. Our hose pipe fittings are ideal for connecting up a hose assembly and making sure that everything runs smoothly, whether you’re operating a pumping station, a hydraulic system or simply connecting different parts of a machine.

High-Pressure Hose Fittings

If you are working on a hydraulic system or other hose assemblies which must contain large pressure forces, you will need the high-pressure hose fittings available from Proflex Hose. Built with strength, reliability and durability at the forefront of their design, these hose fittings and flanges can resist the force applied by hydraulic pressure and other high-pressure applications, remaining functional long after normal hose pipe fittings would have failed.

For pressurised systems, look no further than the high-pressure hose fittings from Proflex Hose.

Flanges and Hose Pipe Fittings

Even if you don’t need high-pressure hose fittings, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your fittings and flanges – Proflex Hose provides only the best hose pipe fittings and flanges to our customers. Made from carbon steel or stainless steel for unbeatable durability, strength and corrosion resistance, our hose pipe fittings are available in a huge range of sizes, makes and types – get in touch and let us know what you need by calling us on 01257 220 010 or using the contact form on this page!

The experts at the Proflex Hose head office will be happy to help you find the perfect hose pipe fittings for your application, whatever it is. Whether you need high-pressure hose fittings or complex valves – even completely bespoke fittings – we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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